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In the UPEI Faculty of Science, our strong focus on developing a personal experience for our students, in the classroom or in a teaching or research laboratory setting, is a point of pride. This is science at its best—a cycle of learning and analysis leading us to answers and better questions. This is science at UPEI.
Dr. Debbie MacLellan
UPEI Dean of Science, Dr. Debbie MacLellan, introduces the Faculty of Science and describes some of the exciting opportunities students have.
Science Faculty Profile
Dr. Travis Saunders, Kinesiology

Dr. Travis Saunders is a new kinesiology faculty member in the Department of Applied Human Sciences.

Student/Alumnus Profile
Katherine Ford, Foods and Nutrition

Katherine Ford, a graduate of our Foods and Nutrition major program (Honours) is currently completing her Integrated Dietetic Internship in Toronto, Ontario.