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School of Sustainable Design Engineering

The new School of Sustainable Design Engineering at UPEI recognizes the integrating nature of engineers in society and the need for a broad and balanced education. Our program follows current trends in engineering education and focuses on student outcomes. Small class sizes within an activity-based learning environment allow faculty and staff to be student centric and provide specific and timely input to individual students.

During the construction of our new school buidling, the department of engineering has moved to a new location with more space for laboratories and student design workshops in Dalton Hall. It features a custom ideation space where students and faculty can work together to imagine and create innovative design concepts, a group design space where student teams can work together developing designs, a prototype development laboratory to enable the fabrication of physical models, and a FabLab to help create unique devices.

Through this new facility, the department has launched a four-year bachelor of science in engineering degree program, and a revitalized 2-year diploma in engineering. 

For admission, application and course information, please visit the Engineering Program page, and visit our new School of Sustainable Design Engineering website.

Nicholas Krouglicof
Associate Dean, School of Sustainable Design Engineering
(902) 566-0505