PEI School Leader Development Program - Part 1

$600 for Part 1 and $600 for Part 2
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PEI School Leader Development Program Certificate


The PEI School Leader Development Program has been developed with the intention of receiving approval from the Certification and Qualifications Board of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development for recognition and adoption as the future standard requirement for school leaders in the province of Prince Edward Island. 
In order to apply, you must have a tenured contract with either the ELSB or FLSB and provide evidence of at least 7 years of successful contractual teaching experience in a school providing elementary or secondary education, as certified by the Office of the Registrar. This opportunity is open to, but not limited to, teachers, school board staff, and Department of Education and Early Childhood Development staff. 

Overview of the PEI School Leader Development Program 

This preparatory program is designed to provide participants with the knowledge of how successful school leaders think and what they do to improve student learning and success. Leader and system competencies and practices, as well as personal tools, all of which are research based, are examined. The program builds the foundation from which to anchor ongoing professional learning throughout the career of the leader. 
The content of both Level 1 and Level 2 are organized into five domains. These have been identified as Leadership, Setting Direction, Student Success, Communications and Staff Development. 
The Level 1 program will focus on candidates “exploring” topics within these domains whereas in Level 2, candidates will “deepen their understanding” within the domains. 
Each domain is organized and structured to fit within a 2 day timeframe. Learning will occur through a blending of instructor, participant, and guest speaker led sessions/presentations. During the interval between sessions, online components have been developed to both reinforce and extend learning. Candidates will work in small collaborative groups to investigate and address current issues in education. 
An Action Practicum will follow Level 1. The Practicum Proposal must be completed prior to registration for Level 2. The 60 hour Leadership Practicum provides the candidate with a structured opportunity to lead a school-based initiative forward to completion, gaining valuable insight and experience into the role of the school leader as both an initiator and agent of change/improvement. 
Level 1 certification will be granted upon the successful completion of all in-class and online assignments, plus the acceptance of the Practicum Proposal. 
Level 2 will require the candidate to develop a personal leadership portfolio that addresses the board’s leadership domains. This will provide the candidate with the opportunity to evaluate their experiences in relation to these domains and plan accordingly for their future professional experiences and development. 
Level 2 certification will be granted upon completion of all in-class and online assignments, the completion of the portfolio and the Leadership Practicum being submitted and approved by the Level 1 Course Leader. 

Levels 1 & 2

  • Month 1: Domain 1 - Leadership
  • Month 2: Domain 2 - Setting Directions 
  • Month 3: Domain 3 - Student Success
  • Month 4: Domain 4 - Communications
  • Month 5: Domain 5 - Staff Development
  • Online components follow Domains 1 - 4
  • Action Practicum in Level 1 only
  • Portfolio project in Level 2 only 
The program domains, content, practicum and portfolio are all interrelated and designed to support candidates in the development and application of the knowledge, skills and attitudes for school leaders on Prince Edward Island. 
Guiding Principles for the PEI School Leader Development Program 
Leadership is a dynamic process that is constantly evolving in order to both meet and advance the diverse needs of the community that is being served. In order to understand those needs it is often more important for leaders to know what questions to ask, and how to invite and engage others in seeking solutions, than it is to provide answers. 
Although we have dedicated Domain 1 to the exploration of leadership, and the development of a base of understanding, the role of the school leader will be woven throughout all domains and remain central to all discussions and content. 
The goal of this program is to prepare candidates to be leaders whose practice is equitable and just. As professionals and adult learners they will move towards these goals through active learning and reflective inquiry. 
Through active/interactive participation in scheduled sessions, online conferencing and individual discussions with the Course Leader, completion of the Action Practicum and Professional Portfolio, candidates will: 
  • Develop their vision of leadership through individual and collaborative inquiry
  • Evaluate and develop leadership and administrative skills for effective school
  • Learn and use pedagogical practices grounded in adult learning processes
  • Develop problem-solving, collaborative group processes, and communication skills in order to advance the needs of students, and the goals of education
  • Challenge their beliefs and grow through continuous reflection
  • Evaluate the possibilities inherent to innovation and change 

Course Leaders 

The course leaders will all be experienced and respected school leaders with a minimum of seven years of experience in school leadership, with a minimum of 3 years at the Principal level. 
Course leaders will be determined by a process established by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. 
Fundamentals for Course Leaders 
  • Model ethical decision-making and practice
  • Innovative and efficient problem-solver
  • Knowledgeable of current research in educational leadership
  • Demonstrated commitment to lifelong learning
  • Self-reflection demonstrated in their regular practice
  • Demonstrated competency in use of technology
  • Excellent communication and relationship-building skills
  • Practices the principles of equity and fairness 

Criteria for Evaluation 

Recommended or Not Recommended are the summative evaluation categories of the program. Evidence is required of both participation in class and the online components. 
  • Attendance/participation at all program sessions is required. A maximum of one day may be missed, due to serious circumstances, at the discretion of the Course Leader. Successful completion of a comprehensive make-up assignment(s) will be a condition for recommendation.
  • Candidates’ participation in the program will be assessed through assignments, class discussion and involvement in the collaborative work group.
  • Candidates must show evidence of understanding and competency in the skills that a school leader requires to successfully lead a school forward. 
Elements of the Program 

1. Class Sessions (Classes are scheduled from 9am to 4pm each day)
These sessions will involve a variety of innovative delivery strategies, encourage active participation, critical thinking and investigative problem-solving.
Program sessions will include:

  • Discussion of specific topics, issues or program assignments and their implications for school leaders
  • Reflective writing through which candidates highlight a growing understanding of present and future leadership issues
  • Collaborative group work and presentations to deepen candidates understanding of administrative and communicative strategies for leadership 
2. Online Modules
The completion of online modules will enable the candidates to explore more deeply the focus of one of the domains during the weeks between Level 1 sessions. Each group member will have the opportunity to consolidate and submit the group’s response. 
3. Readings
During the weeks between the first 4 modules in level 2, candidates are required to identify a book/resource they found particularly insightful with regards to the topic /one of the sub-topics just covered in class. Candidates are required to: 
  • Identify the book/article and author
  • Provide a 250 word summation of why you found this so relevant/intriguing
  • Link this summation to how you will take action as a leader in your school
  • Post this to the group folder 
4. Practicum
In order to be granted the Level 1 qualification, candidates must also successfully complete an approved Practicum Proposal, which defines a planned, practical leadership inquiry into a concern, question or area of interest for the candidate. The proposal must be approved by both the in-school mentor and the Course Leader. 
The practicum will be at least 60 hours in duration and provide an opportunity for the candidate to assume a leadership role in their school. The practicum can be thought of as an informed plan for guiding action that is congruent with the values and objectives of the PEI School Leader Development Program. 
This must be completed and signed off by both the in-school mentor and the Course Leader prior to the awarding of the Level 2 qualification. 
5. Portfolio Development 
All Level 2 candidates will be required to show evidence of the development of a professional portfolio under the headings of Moral Stewardship, Instructional Leadership, Relational Leadership and Organizational Leadership. This process is intended to guide the candidate in identifying their current competencies and experiences while also identifying gaps that require their attention. 
6. Hot Topic 
All Level 1 candidates will be required to identify, prepare and present one current hot topic in education. The presentation and ensuing discussion shall be limited to 15 minutes. 
7. Tech Moment 
All Level 2 candidates will be required to prepare and present one “Tech Moment”, addressing one example of technology that is beneficial for the classroom/school. The presentation and ensuing discussion shall be limited to 15 minutes. 
8. Presentation
All candidates (in pairs/triads) will prepare and present a topic relevant to the course of study. The length will be 75 – 90 minutes. The topic, date of presentation and length of time will be decided in consultation with the Course Leader.

Schedule for this Course

Course Date
Charlottetown, PE
February 10, 2018 - 8:30am
February 11, 2018 - 8:30am
March 10, 2018 - 8:30am
March 11, 2018 - 8:30am
April 14, 2018 - 8:30am
April 15, 2018 - 8:30am
May 12, 2018 - 8:30am
May 13, 2018 - 8:30am
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