Essentials of Workplace Writing

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Stand-alone Courses
Do you struggle when faced with a writing project? Would you like to improve the clarity and professionalism of your work?  
This course will save you time and help you promote your success in the workplace by ensuring you communicate effectively.  
Essentials of Workplace Writing provides techniques that help you to write efficiently, craft a clear and persuasive message, and avoid common mistakes that can diminish the professionalism of your work. 
This course operates in a workshop format, giving you the chance to examine your writing and complete exercises to improve it. 
You will learn to:
  • use the writing process to simplify writing
  • write effective and efficient documents
  • review grammar/punctuation to ensure communication strengthens your image
  • enliven your writing to make it persuasive
  • express a clear and concise message
  • locate tools for writing projects
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