Moodle FAQ for Faculty & Staff

This page is for staff and faculty at UPEI to assist them in finding answers to their technical support questions about Moodle.



Questions that deal wit the various activity features that are available to Moodle users


How to create groups, changing notification settings for receiving forum notifications, deleted announcements activity, creating a private message space for markers/graders


Course Accessibility

Questions around making your course accessible to those with visual and/or auditory impairments


Creating Courses

When do my new courses appear, changing course design and layout, adding content, moving content from one Moodle course to another



Student enrolment, self-enrolment and removal, adding extra teachers/markers to a course, view list of students



Places you can look to see how to set up Moodle for teaching


Getting Help

Where to get more technical support, how to know what features in Moodle are right for me



Background information for those that are brand new to Moodle


Navigation and Settings

Editing the course page, editing my profile, making the course visible/invisible to students


Prep a Course for a New Semester

What to check in your course, how to back up and restore your course


Safety and Security

Tracking user use in my course, backing up my course



Computer requirements, accessing Moodle, bugs and suggested features



Contact UPEI