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Room Booking Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will I receive confirmation that my booking request has been received?
    After the form has been submitted, an email will be sent to the address as entered in the form.  This email will contain the information you have entered and will be for your records.
  2. What should I do if I do not receive the confirmation email after I submit my request?
    You should check your email spam folder to see if the confirmation accidentally was directed to that folder. If it is not in your spam folder, please refer to the bottom of this page for support contact information.
  3. When will I be notified of the room number and location of my booking request?
    Every effort will be made to notify you of the assigned room based on the booking information within two business days. Forms submitted outside of regular business hours (includes Saturday and Sunday) or on holidays will be processed within the next two business days.
  4. Are there any fees applied to room bookings?
    Fees may be applied based on the following factors,
    1. the group or organization is deemed an external group or organization.
    2. if the assigned space is damaged or left in an untidy state, there may be fees charged to repair the damages or clean the space. Therefore, if you arrive at the room or space and notice any issues, please refer to the bottom of this document for support contact information.
  5. If I am a member of the campus community and want to reserve a room for a meeting that involve regular University activity. Will I be charged for the use of the room?
    No, there is no fee charged to book a meeting room or classroom for an approved Student Union student club/group/society, a staff member or faculty member.
  6. I am a member of the campus community and want to reserve a room for a meeting for an external organization/group/society. Will I be charged for the use of the room?
    Yes, there is a room charge to a member of the campus community who requests a meeting or event space on behalf of an external group or organization to UPEI. Please contact Conference Services (information located at the end of this document) for additional information regarding meeting room fees.
  7. Do I need to supply my own audio visual equipment for the space that I’ve reserved?
    This is dependent on the scale of your meeting or event and the space you have reserved. All in room audio visual equipment is available for your use and included in any room rental fees (if applicable). If the room is reserved by a member of the campus community for University related business, the arrangements are to be made by the organizer. For internal groups please contact ITSS at 902-566-0465 or If the room is reserved for an external group or organization, the arrangements will be made by Conference Services but will be billed to the group or organization using the space.
  8. Am I permitted to bring food and beverages (i.e., outside catering) into the meeting or event space?
    The University has a contracted food service provider. It is the expectation that all food services are to be arranged through this provider. Please visit the Catertrax website to contact the contracted food service provider.
  9. Who do I need to contact to gain access to the reserved space?
    Meeting rooms and event spaces should be unlocked prior to the indicated start time on the booking. However, if the room or event space is not accessible at the indicated start time, please contact Security Services at 902-566-0384 and someone will come to open the space.
  10. If I need to cancel the booking who should I contact?
    In the event of a cancellation, please contact or call 902-566-0471. Please note: There is no cancellation fee unless services have been arranged to support your event or meeting which are considered costs above and beyond the room rental rate.
  11. If the University closes due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, will the room still be accessible?
    No, access to meeting rooms and event spaces is prohibited during a University closure. To rebook the space, use the contact information at the bottom of the confirmation email message to make the necessary arrangements.

If you still have questions, you can contact personnel at one of the following locations:

Contact UPEI