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Maintenance Division

The Facilities Management Maintenance Division maintains over 29 buildings including the Atlantic Veterinary College located on the UPEI campus and the AVC Barns on Winsloe Road. The buildings’ construction dates range from 1854 to 2012. They total over 1,300,000 square feet (120,774 sq. m) in gross area.

The Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining the buildings, grounds, utilities, housekeeping, equipment, and department vehicles; and, responsible for the repair and maintenance of all of the following:

  • Underground Services - storm, sanitary, water, and exterior lighting cables.
    • An underground tunnel system houses the communication lines, high voltage electricity and high pressure hot water used to heat the buildings. These tunnels are classified as confined spaces and encircle the campus.
  • Grounds - parking lots, roadways and sidewalks, landscaping, and wayfinding signage. The department is also responsible for the snow clearing on campus, including plowing the roadways, parking lots, and sidewalks.
  • Buildings
    • Electrical: all interior and exterior lighting, campus and building power distribution, fire alarm, security, and communication systems.
    • Mechanical: all plumbing fixtures, heating systems, domestic water, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.
    • Architectural: elevators, building structures, roofs, windows, painting, locks, and signage.
  • Deliveries: The department is also responsible for all on- and off-campus deliveries and pickups.
Jeremy Dallaire
Manager of Administrative and Environmental Services
Facilities Management
(902) 566-0586
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