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2005 Energy Awareness Survey

Energy Awareness
Do you know how much money UPEI spends on energy consumption? Do you know the impact our energy use is having on our community, and ourselves? To answer these and many more questions on energy use, consumption, and awareness, UPEI is launching its campus Energy Awareness Program.

The purpose of this program is fourfold:

  • to have faculty, staff, and students understand the benefits of being energy-wise;
  • to educate people on how their actions impact energy consumption, both on -campus and in the larger community;
  • to motivate users to modify behaviour(s) so that energy consumption is reduced on campus and, subsequently, in their own houses and apartments; and
  • to demonstrate the University’s commitment to reducing energy consumption.

Ultimately, by becoming energy-efficient, we as a community will contribute to a healthier environment and help in reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.  We welcome your ideas and suggestions on saving energy, and if you have any questions about the program send them to

UPEI Retrofit Projects Results

2004 Energy Awareness Survey Results

Tips, Facts & Figures, and FAQ’s come from sources such as the Natural Resources Canada, Environment Canada, Office of Energy Efficiency, Maritime Electric, Ecotrek, and Energy Star.



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