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Department of Modern Languages

UPEI's Department of Modern Languages provides its students with the opportunity to study various languages and to obtain a good grounding, but also sees languages within their appropriate cultural contexts. In other words, the acquisition of languages is seen as a vehicle to enter the thought, history, literature, and cinema within which each of the languages is associated.

The Department of Modern Languages offers programs in French, German, and Spanish. Read about admission requirements and course offerings in each program by visiting the following program pages: 

We communicate our enthusiasm for language and civilization via various techniques, including experiments with computer-assisted teaching and learning. The Department strongly believes that no one really knows his or her own mother tongue until another language has been added to one's own.

Language Studies have always been an integral part of university studies. An educated person has at least some background in languages. Such studies complement many areas of study and are recommended by other disciplines such as English, Music, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Fine Arts, and other Social Sciences.

Language studies are seen as preparation for graduate studies, education programs, travel, and work abroad. They form a unique addition to a student's university education, with the variety of teaching and learning techniques adding variety, balance, or counter-balance to the education process.

Global markets are competing for supremacy, in Europe (with Germany as the pivotal point), the Americas (North and South America), and Asia (Japanese). Prince Edward Island is not removed from this struggle or internationalization of commerce. Learning a language also helps alleviate, to varying degrees, a lack of knowledge regarding the intricacies and elementary aspects of English on the part of our students.

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Modern Languages
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