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Applying for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

Please note: The following description applies most accurately to course-based PLAR. 

Candidates for program-based PLAR will follow an abbreviated process.

In each situation, begin with the PLAR Coordinator.
First, contact the PLAR Coordinator:

  • to discuss your learning goals and possible matches between your prior learning and the programs and courses at UPEI
  • to clarify your expectations and those of the University during the PLAR process
  • to ensure that you are formally admitted to the University
  • to receive an Application for PLAR Assessment Form

After your decision to apply:

Preparing for the PLAR Assessment

After receiving your PLAR Assessment Form, the PLAR Coordinator will contact the appropriate faculty member(s) to inform them of your request. The faculty member(s) then determine the feasibility of giving credits through PLAR.

  • If it is agreed that PLAR is a feasible route, the Coordinator may arrange for you to meet the appropriate faculty member(s). At this meeting, you will describe your relevant informal and non-formal learning, and the instructor, as the subject expert, will describe the course curriculum and his/her expectations of learners in the particular course.
  • If you and the faculty member agree to proceed with PLAR, you complete the Assessment Agreement Form in consultation with the instructor. The agreement will cover the learning outcomes, the target date for demonstrating that those outcomes have been met, and any specific requirements by the participating instructor.
  • You then take the Assessment Agreement Form to the PLAR Coordinator. After confirming registration, you proceed to the Accounting Office (Kelley Building) and pay the required fee, which is 50 per cent of the normal course fee.
  • At this point, you begin the process of assembling or amending your demonstration materials. The PLAR Coordinator is available for consultation during this process.

Have I made the grade?

When the demonstration is completed to standard, the Coordinator will arrange for assessment by the faculty member/instructor (Course PLAR), or a panel of faculty/staff who have been trained in prior learning assessment (Program PLAR).
The instructor(s) will complete an Assessment Evaluation Form, print, complete, sign, and forward it to the PLAR Coordinator, who will liaise with the Registrar's Office. If you are successful, the relevant course credit or credits will appear on your transcript, with the notation "P." (assessments yield a "pass"—they are not given specific grades.)
Another possibility is that the instructor or panel will require additional evidence that you have met the learning outcomes or may specify some additional learning to fill a gap.

In the event that you are unsuccessful, a grade is not assigned. Your PLAR attempt is noted in your student file but does not show up on your transcript.

Repeating and Appealing an Unsuccessful Application

You may attempt to remedy an unsuccessful challenge, one more time, after six months, if you can demonstrate additional learning in areas usually identified by the instructor in the first assessment process. An appeal process also exists - see Academic Appeals in the UPEI Calendar.

Candidate Process

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