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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) at UPEI is a process of determining whether an individual's level of skill and knowledge achieved through work, life, and non-formal educational experience is the same as that gained through successful completion of a course or program. Academic credit will be granted if equivalency of skill and knowledge can be demonstrated and verified.


Two types of PLAR are available at UPEI: course-based and program-based.

In course-based PLAR, the student demonstrates how his or her informal experiential learning matches the stated learning outcomes of a particular course. Each successful course-based PLAR is normally worth three (3) credits. This form of PLAR is available within most UPEI undergraduate degrees. A fee of one-half the tuition for a three (3) semester-hour course applies to each course-based PLAR.

In program-based PLAR, the student will broadly address the match between his or her informal experiential learning to the established outcomes of an entire program. At present, the Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) and the Bachelor of Education - Human Resource Development are the only programs providing the program-based PLAR option.

A fee equal to tuition for one 3 semester-hour course applies to program-based PLAR within BIS. 

Further information on allowable credit is available by contacting the coordinators of each of these degrees.

Please note: PLAR is different from credit transfer and block transfer. Credit transfer involves the recognition of credit courses previously taken at other universities or colleges. Block transfer involves the recognition of a credential from a college, allowing a college diploma, for instance, to be granted a number of university credits towards a degree program. Credit transfer and block transfer are usually arranged through the Registrar's Office rather than through the PLAR Coordinator.

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