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Bachelor of Integrated Studies

New opportunities are opening for adults who have a college education, an unfinished university degree, and even unfulfilled dreams of someday beginning and attaining a degree. The Bachelor of Integrated Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island places the unique needs of adult learners in focus, with a distinct entry point, ongoing learner supports, a broad choice of courses to meet employment requirements and personal interests, and a faculty noted for its strength in teaching.

Program structure

This program requires completion of 90 semester-hours (30 courses) of course work. A core of 12 semester-hours (4 courses) is required; several additional courses are recommended and will be incorporated into learning plans in consultation with the student. Students do not complete a major, but they do complete eight courses in one subject area (termed an area of concentration). The area of concentration may be in Arts, Science, or Business Administration.

While it would be possible for full-time students to complete the BIS in three years, it is anticipated that the program will be of primary interest to mature learners in the workforce who wish to complete a degree on a part-time basis. It is expected that potential students will request transfer credits and/or seek credits through the process of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). Therefore, the period for completing the program will vary considerably from student to student.

Prior Learning Asessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Students enrolled in the BIS will be permitted to seek credit recognition through Program PLAR. In Program PLAR, learners must demonstrate equivalency of their learning from sources other than academics by addressing expected outcomes of an overall program—in this case the Bachelor of Integrated Studies. Learners could earn a maximum of 12 unspecified elective credit hours (4 courses) for prior learning from sources such as life learning, workplace experiences and training, or voluntary or personal pursuits. The main method of prior learning assessment is through portfolio development. The Integrated Studies 193 course provides learners with help in proper development of an assessment portfolio (Integrated Studies 193 is cross-listed with Ed 319 and U193). The assessment portfolio is used to determine how many credits a learner is awarded for his or her prior learning.

The process of developing a portfolio benefits students in ways other than receiving credit for past learning. Learners will identify goals and discover skills and abilities of which they may have been unaware. The reflection that goes into portfolio development may prompt adjustments to the students' learning plans and, for some, even their career direction. The student's growth as a person and as a learner over the duration of BIS study is captured through a portfolio presentation in Integrated Studies 493.

For degree and admission requirements, see the Bachelor of Integrated Studies program page.

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