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Shannon Murray

Meet Dr. Shannon Murray, English Professor and member of the Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture program's Steering Committee

Dr. Shannon Murray is a Professor in the English Department, a 3M Teaching Fellow, and a faculty member on the Steering Committee for the Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture program.

In the ACLC program, Shannon is the creator of Arts 4010 and has published and given talks and workshops on the senior-year experience and the transition for Arts students from university to work.

In particular, she stresses that the ACLC program provides students with a framework for thinking about how their passion for Arts—whether that’s literature or history or philosophy or whatever—matters. It looks at employability and skills but more than that: it encourages students to think about how a liberal education can enrich a life and change the world.

Her research interests include Renaissance literature; Shakespeare, John Bunyan, John Milton; children's literature, especially Early Modern English children's literature; Janosz Korczak, learning communities, active learning, and the senior-year experience.

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