Apply for international student exchange

UPEI has exchange agreements with a number of universities outside of Canada. These exchange agreements permit students to study at another institution and have his or her credits transferred back to UPEI.

Before you begin

Do some research into the universities and countries with which UPEI has partner agreements, and the programs available at those universities to make sure they fit your academic and personal goals.


Step 1: Submit the UPEI International Experience Application (Google form) and complete the Terms of Participation and Study Abroad Reference Form.

Step 2: Write a short essay introducing yourself and presenting your reasons why you would like to participate in a student exchange.

Step 3: Have two academic references complete a “Reference Form”.

Step 4: Include a copy of your current degree audit or unofficial transcripts.

Step 5: Obtain one headshot photo.

Step 6: Submit completed application, all forms and photographs to UPEI’s Office of Study Abroad and International Collaboration.

Required files

After you complete these steps

The Office of Study Abroad and International Collaboration will advise you of your application status, and may contact you throughout the process with questions. Upon acceptance, you are required to complete a Risk Management Form, a Release of Liability Form, and a Permission to Take Courses at Other Universities Form.  

Other details

All students participating in an exchange program are expected to maintain full-time status at the host institution. The student is responsible for having his/her exchange study program approved and for fulfilling all of the home university’s requirements for transfer of degree credits. It is also the student’s responsibility to verify with the Registrar’s Office what credit will be granted for successfully completed courses. Essay forms and reference forms are found within the "Study Abroad" Exchange Application.

Essay Guidelines:

In a clear, thoughtfully prepared essay (about 500 words), in English, introduce yourself and include the following: 1) Your reasons for choosing to study outside of Canada, 2) Your strengths and special interests that may not be evident in other material you have submitted; 3) Explain why you are a good candidate for an exchange, referring to such items as educational achievements, intellectual and personal interests and career goals; 4) Explain why/how study at your preferred study site will benefit you; 5) Outline your goals and objectives for your study abroad (personal, educational, professional); and 6) Explain how you will share this experience with your peers upon return to UPEI.


Sherilyn Acorn-LeClair
Manager of Study & Stay PEI and Study Abroad Programs
(902) 894-2837


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