Homestay Information for Hosts

A variety of UPEI students take part in our Homestay program. Most participants are international students who are looking for the cultural experience and English language immersion that Homestay offers, but we also have some domestic students who prefer the family-like living arrangement of Homestay.

Homestay can be a great intercultural experience for your family. International students are keen to improve their English and learn about Canadian culture, and they have a lot to share about their own experiences and culture too. If you’re prepared to welcome a student into your home and treat him/her as you would want your own child or family members to be treated abroad, then Homestay may be right for you.

UPEI host families are expected to:   

  • Provide a safe and comfortable home to a UPEI student, including a private furnished bedroom;
  • Provide 3 balanced meals each day, including a family-style supper whenever possible;
  • Give students access to home amenities, including laundry and shared living spaces;
  • Provide transportation to and from UPEI once per day if the home is not within 15-minute walking distance to UPEI or a bus stop; and
  • Be available for informal conversation and to help orient the student to your neighbourhood and Charlottetown. 

UPEI offers two Homestay programs: semester long placements for UPEI students and short-term (1 to 6 weeks) for English Language Centre customized programs. Host families can register for one or both programs.

Semester long Homestay placements for UPEI students

Semester long Homestay students are registered in one of UPEI’s regular programs, either in an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) preparation program or in a degree-bound program.

  • Students and hosts are expected to commit to at least one semester of Homestay. See UPEI's Calendar Dates for semester information.
  • Students pay their first and last month of Homestay fees in advance through UPEI. The Homestay Coordinator will process the first month of Homestay fees and retain the last month’s fees as a deposit until the end of a student’s term or the student gives 4 weeks’ notice that he / she intends to move out. All other payments are made directly by the student to the host at the rate of $900 every 4 weeks. Additional nights of Homestay are calculated at the rate of $35 per night.
  • Read the UPEI Host Family Agreement for more detailed information on UPEI’s Homestay policies. Please note the Homestay Agreement is currently being updated. The version included on this web page does not reflect the most up-to-date fee information. 

Short-term Homestay for English Language Centre Customized Programs

UPEI offers a variety of short-term customized programs for international students. The majority of these programs occur during the summer, in July and August, but we offer some programming in the Fall and Winter semesters as well. These programs range in duration, but are typically from 2 to 6 weeks in length. Participants in our customized programs may be high school or university aged students. Hosting a short-term student is a great way to experience Homestay and see if it’s the right fit for your family.

  • Short-term Homestay hosts are expected to commit to the duration of a student’s stay (the typical stay ranges from 2 to 6 weeks)
  • Short-term Homestay fees are calculated at the rate of $225 per week and $35 for any extra nights. All short-term Homestay fees are paid through UPEI.
  • Read the UPEI Host Family Agreement for more detailed information on UPEI’s Homestay policies.

How to apply

  • Read the Homestay Host Agreement and the Homestay Host Booklet.
  • Fill out our Homestay Host Application form. We use this information to try to match you with a student who best fits your household and lifestyle. Email your complete application to
  • If your application is approved, the Homestay Coordinator will arrange for a home visit. The purpose of a home visit is to discuss the program in more detail, complete the required paperwork, and to ensure that the home and student bedroom meet the requirements of UPEI’s Homestay program.
  • Complete a criminal record check: Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check (RCMP website)
  • After your application process is complete, the Homestay Coordinator will add you to our list of registered host families and will contact you when a potential student match becomes available.

Important documents

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