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Adam Johnston

Assistant Professor
(902) 620-5225
Applied Human Sciences
Health Sciences Building, 327


  • BSc in Human Kinetics (Honours): Saint Francis Xavier University
  • MSc in Kinesiology: York University
  • PhD in Kinesiology: McMaster University
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: The Hospital for Sick Children

To date, my research has largely focused on 3 primary areas of investigation which include:

  • Understanding how exercise and nutritional interventions impact skeletal muscle adaptations.
  • Investigating how physical activity and aging influence adult stem cell function.
  • Delineating the mechanisms which regulate muscle loss and tissue repair following injury.

Skeletal muscle is the engine that drives athletic performance and human health. Skeletal muscle displays incredible "plasticity" with the ability to adapt in both structure and function in response to different modes of exercise (endurance, resistance) and pathological conditions (such sa sarcopenia (age related loss of muscle) and neuromuscular diseases (muscular dystrophy)). My research program is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms which underlie this adaptability with the goals of improving athletic performance, maintaining skeletal muscle health and treating muscle disease. Additionally, since it is now appreciated that human tissues are maintained by adult stem cells, my laboratory also investigates the mechanisms which regulate various stem cell populations (skeletal muscle, mesenchymal, neural) with an emphasis on enhancing stem cell activity to improve tissue maintenance and repair following injury.

To accomplish these research goals, my laboratory utilizes both physiological (performance) measures and molecular/biochemical techniques to investigate human physiology as well as rodent and cell culture models. This approach allows us to give mechanistic insight to physiological observation and a deeper understanding of the factors that impact muscle adaptations and overall human health.

To support this research I am currently recruiting undergraduate volunteers, graduate student trainees, postdoctoral fellows and a laboratory technician. All interested individuals please contact me for further information.

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