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Master of Arts

In the following it must be understood that the standard of reference is the typical Canadian university curriculum and university system.

Admission to a graduate degree program as a regular student is granted, on recommendation of the Department concerned, to:

  • the holder of an Honours or majors baccalaureate or its equivalent.
  • a student who has satisfied the requirements for transfer from provisional student category as described below.

The minimum requirement for admission to graduate studies in the Faculty of Arts is a Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in an honours or majors program or equivalent from a recognized university or college. The applicant will ordinarily be expected to have achieved an average of at least second class (“B”, i.e. 70% to 79.9%) standing in the work of the last four semesters or the last two undergraduate years.

Applicants must also provide, and will be assessed for admission, on:

  • A statement of research interests (for thesis applicants) or a statement of interests (for course-based applicants)
    • a 1-3 page statement indicating your motivation for applying to this particular program. For those applying to the thesis version of the program, as part of this statement you should also provide a general idea of what you intend to pursue as part of your thesis research. For further information contact the Program Coordinator.
  • A sample of written research work from prior university or professional experience
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from professors or those familiar with the applicant’s professional work (to be uploaded independently by the referees)
  • A resume or curriculum vitae
  • An application form (available online as part of the application process)
  • Official transcripts of your previous university or college studies to be sent by these institutions directly to the UPEI Office of the Registrar.

Admission to a graduate course is normally based upon the same requirements as for admission to a graduate program, with exceptions needing the approval both of the Program Administrator and of the Chair of the Department within which the student is registered.

Admission, whether as a regular, a provisional, or a special student, is in all cases based upon the recommendation of the department concerned and is subject to the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee.

Admission to advanced courses of instruction or to the privileges of research does not imply admission to candidacy for a higher degree.

Application for Admission

All documents pertaining to application for admission are to be sent to the Office of the Registrar.

Application Form

Follow UPEI's graduate program application process.

English proficiency

Students are expected to be proficient in the use of English, both written and oral, when they begin their studies at the University of Prince Edward Island. The University requires that certification of such proficiency be presented by applicants whose mother tongue is not English or whose normal language of instruction throughout their education (as recognized by UPEI) was not English. Tests of proficiency acceptable to the University, and the minimum scores that must be obtained, are listed on the English Language Proficiency Requirements page under the Application and Admissions section of the Programs and Courses website. Such students should make arrangements to take the test at least three months before the semester opening date.

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