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Dogs saving dogs

A huge thank you to our canine donors!
Friday, December 21, 2018
Karma gets a treat from Santa Claus. Photo: Nancy Hogan

Patti Proud and Rodney Penny, of Charlottetown, bring Karma, their four-year-old Great White Pyrenees, to AVC every couple of months but not because she is sick. She comes to help save the lives of other dogs.

Karma is one of 35 client-owned dogs that participate in AVC’s canine blood donor program. Through this program, client-owned dogs donate blood products, like whole blood, packed red blood cells, and fresh frozen plasma, to dogs that need transfusions for a variety of reasons, including blood loss due to trauma or surgery, other types of anemias, protein losses, and bleeding disorders. These products are stored at AVC so clinicians and staff have immediate access to them for emergencies.

The program has been expanded to include fecal donations, which are used to help dogs with intestinal diseases. The fecal donation is processed and then transplanted into the gut of a patient with intestinal issues. These donations will be collected when donor dogs come to AVC to give blood. They can also be dropped off at the Small Animal Hospital reception desk.

In return for their blood and fecal donations, the dogs receive a free annual exam, blood work, vaccinations, preventative medications for fleas, ticks, and parasites, and a hero tag for their collar. They also receive free blood products for life if they need them.

“These donors are crucial to AVC’s canine patients, helping them to regain their health and in many cases saving their lives,” says program coordinator Andrea Jack.” A huge thank you to our canine donors and their owners for their generous contributions to the health of our patients!”

Andrea recently hosted a Christmas event for donor dogs and their owners. The dogs had their pictures taken with Santa Claus and were given preventative protection products and treats.

For information about the program, please contact Andrea at ajack@upei.ca.

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