New book explores the life and work of a legendary musician and teacher

“Arnold Jacobs’s Legacy” by UPEI’s Dr. Gregory Irvine pays tribute to “once-in-millennium coach, mentor, and champion”
Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Arnold Jacob’s Legacy, by UPEI’s Dr. Gregory Irvine

A new book by UPEI’s Dr. Gregory Irvine examines the life and legacy of legendary tuba player and teacher Arnold Jacob (1915-1998). The book is published by Scholar Publications of Chicago.

Arnold Jacobs was an orchestral tuba player, and a long-time principal tubist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. As Dr. Irvine writes in the introduction of his book, Jacobs was also a highly sought after teacher. “Brass players, both experienced and inexperienced, flocked to his studio because they had heard of his unique teaching and the success others before them had achieved under his guidance.”

Dr. Irvine’s book explores Jacobs’ unique pedagogical approach, which contrasted sharply from conventional teaching styles at the time, and explains his teaching principles through Irvine’s own experiences, and those of others as his students.

Chuck Daellenbach, the tuba player with the Canadian Brass Quintet and a former student of Jacobs, writes in the book’s forward: “For those not lucky enough, or old enough to be part of that tradition, Irvine has given vibrant insights into the mystique that was Jacob’s studio. This will be a book we will all keep close for those moments we wish to revisit the legacy of our once-in-a-millennium teacher, coach, mentor, and champion.”

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