Payroll Year End
Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 14:26

It’s that time of year again!  As our calendar year comes to an end Human Resources is working on year-end preparations. Here are a couple of changes to note:

1. The 2017 Federal Budget introduced measures that enable employers to issue T4 slips to employees electronically for 2017 and subsequent taxation years. In prior years, electronic T4s were only issued to employees who requested one. This change has significant benefits to employees and the University:

  • Immediate Access Anywhere
  • Increased Security
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Eployee’s 2017 T4 will be available on campus login prior to February 28, 2018.  If an employee requires assistance accessing their electronic T4 or would like a printed copy please contact us at

2. New 2018 Federal and Provincial Personal Tax Credits Return (TD1) forms have been released by the Canada Revenue Agency.  If employees are claiming any additional tax credits on either their Federal or Provincial TD1 forms please submit updated forms to Human Resources as soon as possible.  Please see the link to the updated forms on our HR Portal:

2018 TD1 Forms

3. New address change form located in MyUPEI.  All employees should review their current address on file in campus login.  If there are any changes, please see the address change form on the right hand side of the MyUPEI home page (under UPEI Forms).  Please see the link to the new form:

Staff/Faculty Change of Address Form

Contact UPEI