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Executive Master of Business Administration

With specialized streams of study in Biotechnology Management & Entrepreneurship, as well as Innovative Management, the EMBA program at the Faculty of Business provides students with the theory, skills, experiential learning and research opportunities to advance their knowledge and enhance their employability in these flourishing fields. Dedicated faculty, peer-to-peer learning, an integrated program approach and an emphasis on developing global perspectives ensures that graduates are well-prepared for the unique challenges of leading and innovating in an ever-changing, international business environment. 

Entering the program

Upon acceptance to the EMBA program, students will be invited to attend orientation sessions prior to the beginning of the fall semester. The sessions will focus on leadership, team building, business case analysis, problem solving and ethical decision-making. An overview of course delivery methods and resources available on-campus and online will also be provided. Students will also have an opportunity to meet classmates, faculty members and staff outside the classroom setting.

Students may also be required to complete program prework and, in these cases will be informed will in advance of the program start date. Whenever possible prework is done in the online environment. This prework may consist of any or all of the following, based upon individual experience and background: article readings, textbook readings, short-course seminars, and/or on-line courses.

An exceptional, supportive learning environment

Students enter and go through the program with the same group of peers and work on projects in small, self-managed teams of four to six people. This program design encourages enhanced peer to peer learning, as students learn from each others' professional backgrounds and life experiences.

Small class sizes also ensure excellent access to dedicated faculty and a supportive learning environment. Our faculty members bring a breadth and depth of knowledge from both the academic and business worlds to the classroom.

A variety of course delivery methods also ensures students develop the theory, knowledge and skills to succeed in their chosen career. Delivery methods include, but are not limited to: traditional classroom offerings, live case studies, on-line discussions, smart classrooms, short-term internships, consulting projects, guest speakers and mentoring opportunities.

Completing the program

At the end of the program, a graduates' wrap-up session will provide a reflection on lessons learned and focus on future personal and career development issues. Students graduate from the program well-equipped with the theory, knowledge, skills and experience to develop new ventures, manage within an innovative environment, and provide leadership in a globally competitive business community. 

If you have more questions about this program, or to apply for the program, please use the Program Information link on the right of this page, and review the EMBA FAQ and the EMBA Program Brochure.

Grace McCourt
EMBA Program Coordinator
Faculty of Business
(902) 566-6474
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