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Theatre Studies Minor

Theatrical performance is one of the most significant art forms in the history of civilization; it exemplifies the connection between Art and people. Unlike most forms of studied literature, dramatic literature is intended to be performed for and experienced by an audience. As a result, Dramatic literature exists between scholarly and practical realms. It requires the acquisition of both analytic and practical skills. UPEI’s Minor in Theatre Studies offers students the opportunity to develop their analytic, practical, and creative skills required for theatrical production. The Minor in Theatre Studies provides students with foundational skills on which they can pursue their interest in the Theatre, or any area of study.

Visit our Theatre Studies at UPEI website to find out about auditions, see photos of past shows, and find out how to get involved.

Visit the Theatre Studies program page to obtain requirements and complete course descriptions for the Minor in Theatre Studies.

Dr. Greg Doran
Theatre Studies
(902) 566-6013
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