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Social Studies of Science

UPEI’s Social Studies of Science is an interdisciplinary minor whose primary purpose is to reconsider science from the perspective of the humanities. Students enrolled in the minor examine science through the lens of anthropology, history, gender, sociology, philosophy and culture. This includes assessing how science was and is practiced, how science shapes and is shaped by the professionals who practice it, how science is represented in the media and other public arenas, and how various technosciences blur the boundaries between nature and society.

The Social Studies of Science minor is especially well suited to Arts students who wish to evaluate the powerful role of science in society, and to Science students who wish to explore more thoroughly how their field of study relates to the broader societal concerns about science. Social Studies of Science minors learn to think critically and creatively about how we define science, the multiple roles of science in society, and how science has become such a convincing way of understanding the world. This program strengthens students’ capacity to pursue careers in public policy, the health sciences, engineering, science journalism, and law.

For additional program information and cross-listed course descriptions, please visit the Social Studies of Science program page using the link on the right of this page.

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Social Studies of Science
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