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Social Studies of Science

Science Studies is an interdisciplinary field whose primary object is the study of science as an institution. Going beyond familiar ideals, the field aims to understand how science was and is practised, how it shapes and is shaped by its objects of study, how science represents itself and is represented beyond its institutional boundaries, and how various technosciences increasingly blur the boundaries between nature and society. Within that, there is tremendous scope in terms of what to study (disciplines, technologies, skills, objects, traditions, non- human and human animals, scientists and their discourses) and how to study it (the whole range of humanities, natural science, and social science methodologies and theories).

As such, a minor in Social Studies of Science (SSS) speaks to students throughout the Schools and Faculties on campus including Nursing, Music, Science, Business, and Arts.

For additional program information and cross-listed course descriptions, please visit the Social Studies of Science program page using the link on the right of this page.

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Social Studies of Science
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