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Department of History

History has been defined as the "memory of human group experience" because it brings the student into contact with the whole range of human effort and achievement. Its objective is to recreate the past from the evidence left to us, and to try to explain how and why human beings spoke, acted, and thought as they did in the past. Although history must always deal with the "facts" of societies, it is even more concerned with explaining and illuminating them.

The program is centred broadly on the history of "Atlantic Civilization" -- the historical development of Europe and the Americas. The courses aim to provide both a broad exposure to the history of the Atlantic World, and more specialized work in the history of various regions and countries.

The Department also offers courses in the practice and the craft of history.

For more information about the History program's admission requirements and a complete list of courses, please visit the History program page using the link on the right of this page. 

Mission Statement

The University of Prince Edward Island, founded on a tradition of liberal education, exists to encourage and assist people to acquire the skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary for critical and creative thinking, and thus prepare them to contribute to their own betterment and that of society through the development of their full potential.

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