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First-year Arts

“Through the liberal arts, students explore profound and evocative questions, engaging issues that appeal to their curiosity and desire for knowledge and deepening the restless urge to see how ideas fit together and relate to life.”  

- From Mark William Roche’s Why Choose the Liberal Arts?

Your first year in Arts at UPEI gives you the chance to begin that exploration by sampling widely from a variety of courses. Here are a few programs, courses, and supports that you should know about:

  • University 100 and UPEI 103: These courses introduce you to the culture of a university and to the skills you’ll need to succeed.  It satisfies the university-wide first-year requirement.  
  • First Year Experience: These courses offer an introduction to university writing and rhetoric, aimed at the development of clear, critical thinking and an effective prose style; the courses also satisfy the university-wide first-year requirement. Both UPEI 103 and UPEI 101 have an enrolment cap of 25 students.
  • UPEI’s Learning Communities: The first-year Learning Communities are designed to give you an advantage by providing easy ways to get engaged. Small classes, integrated curricula, plenty of interactive and collaborative learning, and excellent advising all offer students an opportunity to foster great relationships. 
  • First-Year Faculty mentors: Check your UPEI email account; sometime in the first term, you’ll be assigned a faculty mentor to give you any advice and support you need.
  • The Writing Centre: The UPEI Writing Centre provides coaching and support for writing in all disciplines for students, faculty, and staff. Enjoy writing help in the comfort and privacy of our Writing Centre Lounge. 
  • The Career Counsellor: The staff of Career Services can help you relate your capabilities, interests, and skills to meaningful career options.  Email for an appointment to see the many career opportunities available to Arts grads.
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