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Department of Classics

The Greeks and the Romans laid foundations upon which Western Civilization rests. We owe to the Greeks the roots of much of our literature, science, philosophy, and art, while the Romans gave the still living legacy of their language, literature, and law to an empire that stretched from the North Sea to the Persian Gulf. To allow the student to share in this rich heritage, the Department of Classics offers courses in the languages, literature, history, philosophy, and civilization of Greece and Rome.

Our courses in Greek and Roman Civilization are for students who wish to gain a general understanding of classical antiquity and are the usual basis for further work in Classics. The 200- and 300-level courses treat particular subjects and periods, but none of the Classics courses requires a knowledge of Greek or Latin.

There are, however, courses in the Greek and Latin languages for both beginning and advanced students. Those who wish to learn Greek and Latin are urged to begin their studies as early as possible in their university careers.

For information on application, admission, and course descriptions, please visit the Classics program page using the link on the right of this page.

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