Dalton Hall

Dalton Hall was the second building to be constructed for St. Dunstan’s College and was named for Sir Charles Dalton, a wealthy fox rancher from Tignish, whose generous donations provided the funds to build it. Built to serve as a residence in 1917, the building was officially blessed and opened by the Papal Nuncio in September 25, 1919, and remained a residence until 1972, when it was renovated to be used for office and classroom space.

Building Code: DH
Building Number: 7
Building Type: Building
Architect: C.B. Chappell & J.M. Hunter
Year Built: 1917
Total Area: 24,001 ft2 (2,230 m2)
Structure: Island brick, decorative cement block, wood frame, plaster, slate roof
Primary Role/Purpose: Administrative, academic


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