Board of Governors

The University of Prince Edward Island Board of Governors is instituted under the terms of the University Act, a statute of the province of Prince Edward Island. The Act vests in the Board the responsibilities of conduct, management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of the University. The Board is responsible for the stewardship of the University and delegates the daily management of the University to the President and Senior Administration. The University works within a bi-cameral structure and, therefore, the Board, as the senior governing body, shares institutional governance with the Senate.

The UPEI Board of Governors consists of 26 members, which includes the UPEI Chancellor; UPEI President; President of Holland College; nine members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, six members elected by the UPEI Board of Governors; two members elected by and from the UPEI Alumni Association; two members elected by and from the Senate of the University; two members elected by and from the Faculty of the University; and two members elected by and from the student body of the University.

Mr. Pat Sinnott
Chairman of the Board
Toronto, ON

Retired Executive

Dr. Don McDougall
Chancellor of UPEI
Stratford, ON
Dr. Alaa S. Abd-El-Aziz
President & Vice-Chancellor of UPEI
Charlottetown, PE
Mr. Duncan Shaw
Chair - Development, Fundraising & External Relations Committee
Meadowbank, PE

President - Mullache Corporation

Mr. Shawn Murphy
Chair - Governance and Appeals Committee
Charlottetown, PE

Retired MP

Mr. Scott D. Harper
Chair - Human Resources Committee
Kildare Capes, PE

Chief Executive Officer - Wind Energy Institute of Canada

Mr. Ron Keefe
Chair - Finance and Audit Committee
Cornwall, PE

Chief Executive Officer - BioVectra Inc.

Mrs. Margo Thompson
Chair - Property and Asset Committee
Summerside, PE

Mother and Volunteer

Mr. Andrew Bartlett
Charlottetown, PE

Wealth Advisor - Atlantic Investment Management, ScotiaMcLeod

Mary Best
Charlottetown, PE

Chartered Accountant - ArsenaultBestCameronEllis

Dr. Rabin Bissessur
Charlottetown, PE

Chair, UPEI Chemistry Department

Mr. Ryan Bradley
Stratford, PE

Investment Officer, Government of PEI

Mr. John A. Buchanan
Mount Royal, PE

Retired Social Worker

Bertha Campbell
New London, PE

Retired Registered Nurse

Dr. Gary Conboy
Cornwall, PE

UPEI Professor of Parasitology
Pathology and Microbiology Department

Ms. Tracey Cutcliffe
Charlottetown, PE

Vice President, Stakeholder Relations and Communications, Atlantic Lottery Corporation

Dr. Don Desserud
Cornwall, PE

Professor, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Linnell Edwards
Charlottetown, PE

Research Scientist - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Mr. Michael Ferguson
Vernon, PE

Student Union Representative - UPEI

Ms. Kathy Hambly
Charlottetown, PE

Retired Executive Director and Business Owner

Mr. Nathan Hood
Charlottetown, PE

Student Union President - UPEI

Mr. Ed Lawlor
Charlottetown, PE

Retired Businessman

Dr. Brian McMillan
Pownal, PE

President - Holland College

Dr. James Moran
Charlottetown, PE

Associate Professor of History - UPEI

Mrs. Shauna Sullivan Curley, Q.C.
Charlottetown, PE

Retired Deputy Minister and Lawyer

Dr. Lowell Sweet
Charlottetown, PE

Retired Mathematics Professor

Dianne MacLean
Administrative Assistant

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