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Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

Canada has legislation commonly referred to as Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). One of the main goals of this law is to prohibit spam. It does this by creating specific consent, disclosure, and unsubscribe requirements for everyone who is sending a “Commercial Electronic Message”. Communication where part of the message is about commercial activity may be considered a Commercial Electronic Message. Messages that deal only with the core activities of UPEI are not impacted by this legislation. While most communications sent out by UPEI are not considered Commercial Electronic Messages, some activities at UPEI are impacted by the rules set out in this legislation. Significant fines can be imposed for failure to comply with the legislation.

The following links are intended to help UPEI faculty and staff to ensure they are compliant with the legislation:

If you have further questions about whether your faculty or department is compliant with the legislation, please contact our office.

Proactive Disclosure

UPEI recognizes the importance of both privacy and access to information. UPEI routinely makes large amounts of institutional and other information available to the public on our website. The University is committed to continuing this online practice.

The following are key documents which the University makes available:

Access to Information and Privacy Office

The Access to Information and Privacy Office was created to encourage best practices in information access and privacy matters are followed at UPEI. The Chief Access to Information and Privacy Officer works to foster a culture of privacy across campus. This is done through providing advice, assistance, and training. The Office is responsible for the administration of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Access to Information and Protection of Personal Information and Privacy Policy, as well as other applicable privacy legislation.

Making a Request for Information

Please refer to the application form and instructions to make a request for information. The request for information process does not replace the existing processes for obtaining your personal information at UPEI.

Making a Privacy Complaint

The UPEI community values the protection of privacy. If you feel your privacy has not been adequately protected you are welcome to discuss the matter with the department or area of UPEI impacted. You can also discuss your concern with the Chief Access to Information and Privacy Officer. An informal discussion can often lead to the quick resolution of the matter.

If you wish to pursue a formal approach, you can submit a written complaint to the Access to Information and Privacy Office at UPEI, using a Privacy Complaint form. The process for handling a privacy complaint is outlined in the Access to Information and Protection of Personal Information and Privacy policy (link below).



Access to Information and Privacy Office
University of Prince Edward Island
Kelley Memorial Building, 205
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PEI C1A 4P3
Phone: (902) 566-0623

Patti J. Wheatley, BA, LLB, CIPM
Chief Access to Information and Privacy Officer
(902) 894-2840

Edith Cardy

Fair Treatment

Parking Services

UPEI welcomes a variety of people to campus everyday, from students to staff and faculty to visitors of all types. In order to offer a welcoming, safe environment and easy access to campus buildings, the UPEI Accounting Office administers a parking permit system and the UPEI Security Services Division enforces campus parking.

Anyone parking in parking lots and spaces without the proper permits or at metered spaces without proper payment may be subject to ticketing or towing. 


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