UPEI Safety Week

The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee is pleased to present the first annual UPEI Safety Week, October 23–27, 2017. The week-long schedule of educational and fun activities is designed to create awareness and encourage all faculty, staff and students to develop and maintain a safe study and work environment year-round.

We encourage everyone to participate! For each attendance at an education session, participants will receive a ballot that will go into a draw for a two-person, 72-hour emergency kit. In addition, one person at each session will win a safety-themed prize. 

Monday, October 23

Are You Prepared for an Emergency?
Presented by Cindy MacDougall, Emergency Management Coordinator
12:05–12:55 pm, KMB 211

If an emergency happens, it may take emergency workers some time to reach you. Could you look after yourself and your family for three days if no services were available and emergency responders couldn’t get to you? Emergencies may be beyond our control, but we can reduce the risk and the impact of them. There are three simple steps everyone can take to become better prepared to face emergencies: know the risks; make a plan; get an emergency kit.

Floor/Area Warden Training
Presented by Mark Pharand, Manager of Security Services
3:00–4:00 pm, ICC 104

Are you a floor or area warden for your building? Do you know what to do if there is a building evacuation? Do you have questions about your role as a warden or the evacuation procedures for your building? This session will review UPEI’s building evacuation procedures and the roles of building plan administrator, floor/area warden, and guardian. 

Tuesday, October 24

11:00 am–2:00 pm, W.A. Murphy Student Centre

A fair with all things safety related! This event will bring together safety-related product suppliers, service suppliers, campus departments and groups, first responders, and others to showcase all things safety related. In addition to information there will be opportunities to try products, take part in hands on demonstrations, and prizes to be won. All members of the campus community are invited to attend. There will be something for everyone.

Self-Defence and More: Managing your Personal Space & Physical Conflict
Presented by Robert Norton, Norton Arts
4:30–9:00 pm, SDMB 211

Not many people enjoy having their personal space invaded. This hands-on experience will focus on the dynamics of Personal Space Management in addition to practical restraints, pre-emptive/counter striking and defence strikes and grabs. Focus will be on violence prevention while educating and developing skills that uphold the Canadian Criminal Code on defence of person. There will be a cost of $5 per person and refreshments will be served during the event. To attend, you must pre-register by contacting Kathryn Harrison by email kharrison@upei.ca or by phone 902-566-0901. Space is limited to 24 participants. 

Wednesday, October 25

Selecting the Right Glove for the Job
Presented by Keir Daborn, Ansell
9:00–10:00 am, AVC 286A North

This session is designed to educate people on the differences between gloves, glove materials, and how to determine the best glove for their application.

Biosafety Café,
10:00–11:00 am, AVC McCain Foundation Learning Commons, AVC 285N

Take your morning coffee break with UPEI’s Biosafety Officer and Biosafety Committee members. Cake and coffee will be provided and there will be opportunities to test your biosafety knowledge and win prizes.

Changes to WHMIS in the Workplace
Presented by Lori Wakelin, OHS Education Consultant, Worker’s Compensation Board of PEI
11:30 am–12:30 pm, KMB 211

PEI’s provincial WHMIS regulations were updated in July 2017 to reflect the national changes to the Hazardous Products Acts and Regulations. This one-hour information session will offer a brief look at the changes and the impact on employers. Employer responsibilities, including education and training of workers, and components of a WHMIS program will be highlighted. 

Thursday, October 26

Coffee with Cops
10:00–11:00 am
Credit Union Day Lounge, W.A. Murphy Student Centre

Come share coffee, doughnuts, and conversation with members of UPEI’s Security Services team. Find out what is new in campus security and also get any questions answered. 

VWR 2017 Trade Show
Organized by the Atlantic Veterinary College
10:00 am–2:00 pm, McCain Foundation Learning Commons, AVC 285N

This is the annual VWR Trade Show, which showcases chemical and laboratory specific supplies from a variety of suppliers. 

Campus Crows: Understanding why they behave the way they do 
Presented by Fiep de Bie, Wildlife Technician, Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre 
Atlantic Veterinary College, 12:05–12:55 pm, AVC 286A North

The UPEI campus has a large population of crows who make their presence known.  Come learn more about this intelligent, fun, and interesting bird and have any questions answered. 

Verbal Engagement/Conflict Resolution
Presented by Robert Norton, Norton Arts
1:00–3:00 pm, Memorial Hall 308

When it comes to de-escalating conflict our communication style is of paramount importance. This session provides effective skills in a simple, fun and relatable manner while focusing on environmental awareness, emotional intelligence, the QSC Verbal Strategy, nonverbal communication, negotiating and more. Please email kharrison@upei.ca or call 902-566-0901 to sign up for this event. Space is limited to 24 participants. 

Friday, October 27

Fire Extinguisher Training – Charlottetown Fire Department
9:30 am–12:30 pm, outdoors in the area between KMB, DSC, CC, and CSH, inclement weather location will be indoors at the W.A. Murphy Student Centre

The Charlottetown Fire Department will be on site to provide hands on fire extinguisher training to anyone who stops by during this three-hour period. Drop in and get familiar with using an extinguisher properly. Everyone who takes part in this electronic simulated training will be entered into a draw to win a fire extinguisher for their home.

Yoga for Office Workers
Presented by Karen Langevin, Certified Yoga Teacher
12:10–12:50 pm, YSC 212

Come experience first-hand the benefits of yoga, breathing and mindful meditation. You don't have to be flexible, bendable or have knowledgeable in yoga to participate. Karen Langevin will guide you through simple, effective stretches and movements designed for desk workers that you can do at work or at home to counteract repetitive movements and stationery postures. Do you work more than two hours at your computer without a break? Chances are you are like millions of people who feel tight, achy, and tired after a full day's work and you hardly did anything physical at all! This chair-yoga class for desk workers will get you moving, stretching, breathing, and feeling vibrant and alert during work and after work. Easy and effective stretches will get into those tight neck and shoulder muscles, ease tension in your low back, and improve your breathing and posture. Anyone can do it and all can benefit from it! This session is open to all. No need to change your clothes...come as you are. To attend, you must pre-register by contacting Kathryn Harrison by email, kharrison@upei.ca, or by phone, 902-566-0901. Space is limited to 20 participants. 

All Week

Safety Hunt – Photo Edition!

This photo scavenger hunt will run all week beginning Monday morning and ending Friday afternoon, taking participants to various locations, people, and items across campus related to safety. Throughout the week, items will be added to the Safety Hunt List and participants will post photos of themselves with the item to the UPEI Safety Week 2017 Facebook page. Each photo will earn a ballot towards a great prize package. Collect one photo item or collect them all—it is up to you.

Refer to the Safety Week Scavenger Hunt page for daily lists of items, contest rules, and prizes. 

Get Caught Working Safely

Throughout the week, the Health, Safety and Environment Department will partner with senior members of UPEI and UPEISU administration to visit different buildings and areas all across campus to catch people working safely. Get caught working safely and win a prize.

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