Incident Reporting

I’ve been injured, what should I do?

All incidents which occur at UPEI need to be reported using the Incident Reporting Form.  The report can be completed by anyone who knows the details of the incident.  This can include the affected party, their supervisor, or the employee that the incident was reported to (if a visitor).  If you witness an incident, please complete the Incident Witness Statement.  The Health and Safety Office needs to obtain an incident report for each incident within 24 hours of the incident occurring.  All forms can be submitted via email to or in person to Kelley Memorial Building Room 309 or 310.  A drop box is located outside room 310 for after-hour submissions.  Please note all serious incidents should be immediately reported to Security Services by calling 902-566-0384.

What would be considered an incident?

  • An incident is an unplanned, undesired event that hinders completion of a task and may cause injury, illness, property damage, or some combination of all three in varying degrees from minor to catastrophic. The incident reporting form can be used to report hazards, near misses, harassment, and suspicious activity in addition to the more obvious injury, illness or property damage.

Once immediate/temporary corrective actions are taken, then an incident investigation should be conducted by the responsible supervisor/person. Incident investigations are designed to find the root cause of an incident. Once these root causes are identified we can make recommendations and take action eliminate or at a minimum reduce the potential for recurrence.  Supervisors need to complete the Incident Investigation Form within 72 hours of an incident occurring. 

The PEI Workers Compensation Board can be contacted at 902-368-5680 or visit their website: .

If you are unsure if you should complete a form, or if you need assistance with the form and/or the reporting process please contact the Health and Safety Office at 902-566-0516 or 902-566-0901.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.



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