Keep up to date with UPEI Emergency Alert

UPEI Emergency Alert is the University’s emergency mass notification system and is one of several platforms that UPEI uses to communicate about emergencies and to advise the campus community about university/storm closures.

Notifications about emergency situations and university/storm closures are emailed to student, faculty, and staff email addresses as well as posted on the homepage, the UPEI Campus Screen network, and Twitter (@UPEI). Emergency notifications can also be broadcast in UPEI buildings through a public address system.

UPEI Emergency Alert now allows UPEI to also send emergency and university/storm closure notifications by text.

While students, faculty, and staff are automatically entered into the UPEI Emergency Alert system with their UPEI email addresses, they are encouraged to login to the UPEI Emergency Alert system to update their profile with their cell phone number to receive notifications by text.

The University community is also invited to download the UPEI Emergency Alert mobile app (called ERMS Mobile in app stores) to be able to access the system directly on their device.

Instructions to receive text notifications / download the mobile app

Contact information:

Mark Pharand
Manager, Security Services
(902) 566-0988

Office of the Vice-President Administration and Finance