Operational Teams

There are three operational teams identified in the Emergency Management Plan: Senior Management Group, the Emergency Operations Team, and the Emergency On-Site Team. The Senior Management Group and the Emergency Operations Team will be located in the Emergency Operations Centre, in the Kelley Memorial Building. The Emergency On-Site Team will be located at the site of the emergency.

  • The Senior Management Group has the authority to execute the Emergency Management Plan and make decisions on issues not covered in the Plan. This group decides whether to declare an emergency. It is also responsible, through public information staff, for ensuring that the public is informed during an emergency.
  • The Emergency Operations Team is responsible for control and co-ordination within the Emergency Operations Centre. It is managed by the Vice-President of Finance and Facilities who is designated as the Emergency Management Co-ordinator.
  • The Emergency On-Site Team has the authority to co-ordinate on-site responses to limit threats resulting from the emergency. Initially, the senior Security Officer will make decisions on mitigation strategies and tactics required to save lives and limit the threat to people, animals, property, and the environment at the emergency site.

    The primary objective of Media Relations and Communications is to arrange opportunities for the University to present timely statements of fact about an emergency and to be proactive and responsive in doing so.

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