Assignment of Space

Managing the Assignment of Space at UPEI

The past few years have seen rapid growth of the UPEI Campus. With the completion of the new building to accommodate Nursing and Applied Human Sciences, there is a need to carefully review current and anticipated space assignments. Such decisions are always complex as competing needs must be reconciled or given priority. For that reason a new Space Planning Committee will be established and a set of guidelines put in place on the allocation of space.

Space Planning Committee

A Space Planning Committee will be established consisting of the Vice-President Administration and Finance and the Vice-President Academic (Co-Chairs). The Chairs will make recommendations to the President on space planning matters.

The Committee will review current space assignments across Campus to determine the effectiveness of current allocations, whether additional synergies can be gained by re-assigning space, and what space allocations can best fit the strategic goals of the University.  Members of the Committee will be:

  • Vice-President Administration and Finance, Chair
  • Vice-President Academic, Vice-Chair
  • Registrar
  • Director of Facilities
  • Director of ITSS
  • Research Office representative
  • Student Union representative

Principles of Space Allocation

  1. All space is a shared University resource and will be allocated as most benefits the campus. Equity between areas as well as specific programmatic needs will be of primary consideration in allocating space.
  2. Reasonable priority in office allocation and classroom scheduling will be given to the Faculties or program associated with a particular area.
  3. Office Allocation priorities:
    • a) Tenure and tenure track faculty and permanent staff;
    • b) Full-time term faculty and temporary staff
    • c) Sessional instructors (who require a private space to meet with students during office hours) or temporary staff.
  4. Where possible space will be allocated to try and keep departments or working units together or in near proximity.
  5. Space will be allocated to try and keep Faculties within the same area of campus.
  6. Graduate student interaction and space availability is important. Needs will vary by program but the following principles will guide allocation decisions where possible:
    • Teaching assistants should have some space availability to meet privately with their students. This does not imply the availability of private space full-time for any individual;
    • While it is not possible to allocate offices to all graduate students, every effort should be made to provide students some space to work, interact with other students and facilitate their time on campus. If possible such space should have a lockable component for storage (e.g., locker, carrel).

Requests for space allocation can be made using the request form on the right side of this page.

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