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Money Matters

Scholarship & Bursary Information

Check out the Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards page for more information.

Student Loan Information

If you are paying with a student loan, you should apply for the loan in the spring, whether you know your estimated summer income or not. Your application can be updated as necessary when you have more information. See UPEI's Financial Aid Office for more information on how to apply for student loans and receive other financial assistance.

Looking for Work?

For part-time jobs on campus check out the current job competitions.
For part-time jobs off campus check the listings at Career Services.

Medical & Dental Insurance

Prior to paying fees, students may opt out of the Medical and Dental Insurance plan administered by the Student Union if they have coverage from elsewhere. To opt out of the medical plan prior to paying fees, students must take proof of their medical coverage to the Student Union Office. PLEASE NOTE: Students wishing to opt out of the Medical and Dental fees must do so prior to the opt-out deadline. Please see the Student Union for further information, or to find out more about the Student Union Health Plan and the opt-out deadline.

Income Tax Receipts

The T2202A tax receipts are made available each year by the end of February. The T2202A is available for printing through myUPEI, however, a student must have their account balance fully paid in order to receive their form. For more information please click here. Students who receive a Scholarship or Bursary will receive a T4A form, which will also be available by the end of February. This form can also be printed through the myUPEI portal, and more information can be found here.
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