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Accounts Payable

Canadian Suppliers

Payments to Canadian Suppliers (companies) are processed on a monthly basis depending on authorization and documentation received by Accounts Payable. Delays occur in the payment process if correct documentation is not received on a timely basis and depending on the workload of Accounts Payable. Documentation should include the information listed under Procedures. Please do not promise and expect payments on a specific date without first confirming the fact with Accounts Payable.

Please note that there is a weekly cheque run but we pay suppliers on a monthly basis.


Any supplies, equipment, books or other goods purchased by the University are entitled to a 67% rebate on the federal portion of the HST. When invoices are paid, this amount is automatically deducted from the total charged to each department or grant. Text books receive 100% rebate.

If there are any questions about charging GST/HST, please contact Linda Gillan Young at lgillanyoung@upei.ca.

Reimbursements and Travel Claims

Cheque requests and travel claims must be accompanied by the appropriate invoices, receipts, or vouchers. Reimbursements to individuals may be expected within a 2-3 week turnaround, provided no problems exist with documentation, budget restraints, or volume of workload.

Payments to US and Foreign Suppliers

US cheque runs occur every two weeks depending on authorization and documentation received by Accounts Payable. Payments to foreign suppliers (outside the US) are done by money orders, bank drafts, or wire transfers. There is no charge for money orders or bank drafts, but there is a $40.00 fee (approximate) for wire transfers. This amount will be charged to the department/grant requesting the payment. Inquiries may be directed to Nora MacLaine at 902-566-0755.

Linda Gillan Young
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Accounting Office
(902) 566-0954
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