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Co-op Student Success Stories

Jessica Smith, Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2016
Comparing what I knew at the beginning of my co-op experience to what I know now, I am very thankful that I put my trust in the Co-op Program at UPEI to help me learn and grow. Each of my work terms have been incredible asssts to my learning and have helped me gain the skills necessary to achieve my future goals.

Foyin Senbanjo, Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2017
The Co-op Program has exposed me to diverse experiences and the needs of employers and the workplace. These experiences and exposure will give me a competitive advantage after graduation and better position me for the future.

Cory Clow, Computer Science, Class of 2015 
“Timeless Technologies was a superb company to work for and it provided an amazing first work term experience as a software engineer. I learned many new programming and business skills and real-world applications of these. There were many fun and challenging tasks to be handled which made it a rewarding experience to work in a private sector company. The mentoring support from Matt Perry, a recent UPEI CS Co-op graduate, and Mike Hogan was extremely helpful."

Matthew Champion, Computer Science, Class of 2016 
“My first co-op work term at Thinking Big was a very good learning opportunity gaining work experience and additional knowledge as a developer. Exposure to the soft development life cycle in an active and growing company where I was able to work on a variety of projects and applications that I enjoyed was great. I also got to develop a Web api for the first time which was great. I was supported very well by my supervisor, Ron Myers, who is also the owner of the company and he provided me with many tasks that I liked."

Matt Stewart, Computer Science, Class of 2015
“Working at Telos Entertainment Inc. in Charlottetown as a programmer for my first two work terms in the summers of 2012 and 2013 were great work term experiences where my problem solving skills were thoroughly tested and valuable experience was gained with mobile platforms, a good area to get familiar with in today’s world. The greatest benefit was learning how to develop for android/iphone and how to integrate 3rd party libraries and frameworks. The team of programmers and artists at Telos is impressive and working with them is a great way to learn. I look forward to another work term Summer of 2014 and a possible career with them upon my graduation.”

Jenna Shinn, Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2015
Through the Co-op Program I obtained the work experience needed to show employers my ambition to not only pursue a job, but a career. I was exposed to diverse work positions that helped guide me to what I was truly passionate about. The opportunities, experience and networking I now have are unbelievable for students. The Co-op team is devoted to helping you better your future. Take a risk, develop essential skills and most importantly discover yourself.

Logan Montgomery, Physics, Class of 2015
“I had an excellent physics co-op work term working as a research assistant with the physicists at the PEI Cancer Treatment Centre. Being able to work in an exciting field that I knew little about prior to my work term and actually have an effect on clinical procedures was an awesome experience. The learning curve was steep and I constantly felt challenged by the project laid out for me. It encouraged a lot of individual thought and problem solving and the use of many resources at my disposal at the PEI CTC. My supervisor, Grant MacNevin, and the other team members were fantastic to work with and I certainly gained insight into a field that I may strongly consider as a future career.

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