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Entrepreneurial Work Terms

Co-op students have an opportunity to complete an entrepreneurial work term (EWT). An EWT offers motivated, creative, and well-rounded students with an amazing opportunity to experience the responsibilities of taking their business idea to the next level and starting their own business.

Students who choose to conduct an entrepreneurial work term are mentored and required to report their entrepreneurial activities to the coordinator and mentor.

In order to receive the co-op credit, students participating in an EWT are required to complete the same components as students do in a traditional co-op work term.

Students should begin planning for an entrepreneurial work term 2-3 months before the actual work term if possible.

Steps to get you started:

  • Several weeks before the start of the term, meet with your Co-op coordinator to discuss your business idea.
  • Prepare your business plan and submit it to your Co-op coordinator one month prior to the term.You may submit your business plan in hard copy or electronically.
  • Coordinator will promptly distribute your plan to the Academic Director for their review.
  • Within two weeks or sooner, the Coordinator will schedule a meeting for the student to meet with the Academic Director to discuss your business plan.
  • Following the student meeting with the Academic Director and within 48 hours, the coordinator will advise the student on whether the business plan was accepted and formally approved by the Academic Director as a suitable learning experience.

To assist you with the development of your business plan you may refer to and select one of these formats.

All reasonable business ideas will be carefully considered. Only those with the greatest potential for student learning and entrepreneurial skills development will be accepted.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for more information and to Apply for an Entrepreneurial Work Term.

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