Signing Authority and Class Codes

Signing Authorities

All expenditures of University funds (including research) require the signature of the University employee responsible for the budget/account concerned, or by the appropriate delegate (the name for whom must be filed with the Accounting Office). All signing authorities must be filed with the Accounting Office in writing, with a sample signature.

Class Codes

All accounts must be six digits with a three-digit class which corresponds with what the expense is for. The following classes are the most commonly used; however there are many other classes which, from time to time, are used, depending on the reason for the expenditure.

400         Supplies

403         Course Supplies

404         Printing & Stationery

408         Supplies Audio Visual

421         Lab Supplies

500         Advertising

520         Equipment

521         Non Space Equipment

523         Furnishings

524         Equipment-Vehicles

527         Non-Space Computer,Printer,Scanner, Fax

529         Equipment-Computer,Printer,Scanner,Fax

530         Equipment Maintenance

531         Vehicle Expenses

540         Equipment Rental

541         Vehicle Rental

590         Subscriptions

591         Memberships

600         Photocopy

610         Postage

622         Professional Fees-General

630         Printing Costs

640         Representation

660         Student Aid

661         Scholarships

670         Telephone

681         Travel-General

682         Travel-Moving New Staff

715         Professional Development

731         Miscellaneous

750         Software Package

751         Software License