The UPEI Bookstore is the place for all of your textbook and course material needs. We have all the textbooks you need for your classes. We also carry your lab manuals, graph paper, lab coats, pens, binders and everything else you need to get ready for class.

Visit the Get Your Booklist page for your personal book list for your registered courses.

You can also browse and purchase your textbooks by course name through our new textbook search page. We'll be adding additional textbooks and other UPEI Bookstore items to our new store throughout the semester.

We do sell Used Textbooks at the Bookstore and you will find them on the shelves along side the new textbooks. The used books are marked with a yellow sticker on the side of the book and the price is marked on the back with an orange sticker. To find out more about our Used Book Buyback Program click the link.

We carry electronic access codes and e-books for some of your courses, these are located at the front cash counter or can be purchased online see details below. We also have the clickers used for first year Psychology, Science and other courses at the front cash as well.

If you do not see a textbook needed for one of your courses please ask our staff for help. The book could be sold out or in some cases the book has not arrived at the Bookstore yet.

Textbook Price Matching Policy

  • The UPEI Bookstore will make every effort to match new textbook prices (to a maximum of 15% off our book price).
  • The price match must be requested at the time of purchase and will not be granted after a book has been purchased.
  • The competing vendor must be a Canadian bookstore or website (e.g., amazon.ca not amazon.com)
  • The vendor must be the original supplier, not a third party vendor (e.g., "sold and shipped by Amazon.ca", NOT "sold and shipped by third party on Amazon.ca")
  • The ISBN (10- or 13-digit number on back of the book) must be the same.
  • Price must be total cost including shipping with costs listed in Canadian dollars.
  • Applies to new books only, sorry used book prices will not be matched.
  • Book(s) must be in stock and available to ship right away, we will not match prices for books that are not currently available.
  • Please bring in a current (same day) print off from the website/store showing the price.
  • UPEI Bookstore management reserves the right to deny a request for a price match.
  • When purchasing a text through the Bookstore's online shop, price matching policies will remain the same.
    • The customer will be responsible for contacting the UPEI Bookstore to make staff aware of the need for price match.
    • Contact must be made before the order is placed.
    • We may require a link for the secondary website.
    • The price match will only be applied once the link is verified and the order is placed.
    • The customer will not be charged until the price match and the transaction is complete.
    • Please contact bookstore@upei.ca for additional information.

Shop online for books and e-books for Nursing, Veterinary, Foods and Nutrition

Browse and purchase books from this Online Store containing the full book database from one of our vendors. This store includes textbooks as well as trade and reference books for Veterinary Medicine (Path/Micro, Biomedical Sci, Companion Animals, etc), Nursing, Biology, APA, Music, Food and Nutrition, Family Sciences, Kiniesiology. 

Textbook Return Policy

You must have your receipt in order to make a return at the Bookstore. Any textbooks that have been removed from shrink wrap, written in, highlighted or damaged in any way are not able to be returned. All course lab manuals and case studies are not returnable. All returns are subject to management approval.

You have two (2) business days to return new textbooks; there are no returns on used textbooks or e-books/access codes.

Signs will be posted in the Bookstore each semester with the final return dates listed. No books can be returned after the final return dates regardless of when they were purchased. If you have any questions please ask one of our friendly staff members.