Internal Faculty Awards

E-Learning Office Course Renewal Grant

The E-Learning Office provides a time-based grant application for tenured, tenure-track faculty, sessional instructors, librarians, lab instructors, teaching assistants, student service professionals, and any others involved in teaching at UPEI who are interested in refreshing or revamping their course.

The grant provides recipients with dedicated time (40 hours) with the E-Learning instructional design team to accomplish your vision for the course. The purpose of this grant is to provide instructors with pedagogical and technological support from the E-Learning Office to develop the course experience that is envisioned for their students. Contact the E-Learning Office for more information.

E-Learning Office Multimedia Development Grant

The E-Learning Multimedia Development Grant provides faculty members the opportunity to collaborate with the Instructional Multimedia Specialist to create academic, high-quality multimedia resource materials.

These grants are administered by the E-Learning Office. Grant recipients receive up to 40 hours worth of the Instructional Multimedia Specialist’s time towards creating a resource (no funds are attached). The purpose of these grants is to allow faculty members to receive creative and technical support from the Multimedia Specialist in developing resources they would otherwise not be able to complete on their own.

Janet Pottie Murray Award for Educational Leadership

The purpose of the Janet Pottie Murray Award is to encourage excellence in teaching at the University of Prince Edward Island by acknowledging those teachers who exemplify such excellence and who contribute more generally to the improvement of the quality of university teaching. The deadline for nominations is October 31. For a copy of the application guidelines, please write to Gerald at the Faculty Development Office:

Open Education Resource (OER) Development Program

As a result of the Student Union’s advocacy efforts, through a strategic investment in student learning and success by the Provincial Government, an Open Education Resource Development Program at UPEI has been created. This partnership with the Student Union, University, and Province provides funds for the creation, adaptation, adoption, and review of open education resources (OERs).

The funding program will run through 2020 and is administered by the Robertson Library, and provides a variety of funding opportunities including:

  • Open Textbook Grant: up to $3,500 each
    • This grant supports the development of a new open textbook on a topic that is currently not covered by an existing open textbook.
  • Open Textbook Adaptation Grant: up to $1,000 each
    • This grant supports the adaptation of one or more open textbooks to create a new version or edition of an open textbook. This may include, but is not limited to, using chapters from multiple open texts to create a new open textbook, or creating a Canadian edition of an existing open textbook.
  • Supplementary Resources Grant: up to $1,000 each
    • This grant supports the creation of ancillary materials for existing open textbooks, including, but not limited to test banks, slide decks, or interactive media, etc. for an open textbook or other open education resource.
  • Honoraria for Open Textbook Peer Reviews: $250 each
    • This grant provides honorarium to individuals completing a formal peer review of an existing open textbook. For more information about the program contact Kim Mears or review the program page.

Presidential Awards of Merit for Faculty, Librarians, and Clinical Veterinary Professionals

The Presidential Recognition Awards of Merit for Faculty, Librarians, Clinical Veterinary Professionals, and Clinical Nursing Instructors are granted annually. Up to ten (10) awards of $1,000 each will be available for exceptional academic achievements. Awards will be available in the categories of Teaching, Scholarly Endeavours, Service, or Combined Achievement. More information about the award.

UPEI Faculty Association Hessian Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching

Award details available from the UPEI Faculty Association website.

Zoetis Carl J. Norden Distinguished Teacher Award

The Zoetis Carl J. Norden Distinguished Teacher Award is awarded to a faculty member at the Atlantic Veterinary College who demonstrates excellence in teaching.