TLC Coordinator

Charlene VanLeeuwen
Coordinator, UPEI Teaching and Learning Centre

As Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Centre, Charlene provides opportunities and support for instructional staff (faculty, sessionals, lab instructors, clinical nursing instructors, etc.) to reflect on and improve their pedagogical expertise; fosters a culture of scholarship around teaching and learning, and supports instructional staff in meeting their professional development goals while collaborating closely with the E-Learning Office and other stakeholders across the campus on initiatives related to teaching and learning 

Charlene has an interdisciplinary background that includes a B.A.Sc. in Family Studies from the University of Guelph, a B.Ed. from the University of Ottawa, an M.Ed in Leadership and Learning from UPEI and a Ph. D. in Educational Studies from UPEI.  She also holds certification as a Certified Family Life Educator with the National Council on Family Relations. Her postdoctoral research focused on understanding and improving faculty experiences of teaching, learning, and participation in post-secondary digital learning environments. She also maintains other research interests revolving around the scholarship of teaching and learning, community-based learning, and international development work in rural Kenya. An emerging interest area is the scholarship of educational development. 

Charlene has taught at UPEI since 2003 as a sessional instructor, developing a deep familiarity with higher education teaching and learning along the way. A recipient of multiple awards for teaching and educational leadership, Charlene is excited to share her experiences as an educator in physical classrooms and online spaces as Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Centre at the University of Prince Edward Island. 

The Teaching and Learning Centre is located in Room 234 in the Robertson Library Annex.

You can reach Charlene via email at by phone 902.620.5217 or through the Teaching and Learning Centre email -