May-Mester 2020

Experience the world by travelling this "May-mester" through our faculty-led short courses. Additional opportunities for 2020 will be added as they become available.

Salamanca, Spain - May 3–29, 2020

Spanish 2030 is an immersion second-year level language course. The course seeks to broaden language skills acquired in first year Spanish (Spanish 1010 and 1020). Spanish 2030 is a rigorous academic course which is taught in the oldest European university. Students take classes at the University of Salamanca with Salamanca professors.

Dr. Coll works closely with the Salamanca colleagues to ensure the level of instruction is suitable for the class. Dr. Coll teaches Phonetics of the Castilian Language and Culture and Civilization of the Iberian Peninsula classes. Classes are imparted in the downtown campus Monday–Friday 9:00 am–1:00 pm; and evenings from 7:00–9:00 pm. Students can experience the civilization and culture of Spain through field trips to Madrid, Toledo, Ávila, and El Escorial.

In addition, there are weekend excursions to Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Barcelona, and Lisbon. Students board with Spanish families. This option is the best to ensure total immersion in the culture, traditions, and language of Spain. The University of Salamanca (1212) is the oldest University in Europe. It is located in the city of Salamanca, in the heart of Old Castile. Miguel de Unamuno, famous Spanish philosopher and writer, rector of the University, named Salamanca "The Student's City". In the year 2000, the European community named Salamanca the city of Culture.

The four-week immersion format is designed to enable students to gain in-depth knowledge of the language, culture and people of Spain.

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