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Family Science

Please note: The application process for majors in Child and Family Studies and Family Science, along with Family Science minor programs have been suspended.

Working with children, youth, families, or vulnerable populations is challenging, but it can offer a very fulfilling and rewarding career experience. Think you're up to the challenge? Then a degree in Family Science could be right for you.

Do you have career aspirations that require a science background? The Family Science program is an excellent combination of traditional science courses along with courses that focus on the science of people. Students in the Family Science program take courses in a wide range of scientific disciplines - biology, chemistry, math and nutrition. And because it's a science degree program about people, students also take courses in family dynamics, human development, family resource management, family violence, human sexuality, and parent-child interactions. Family Science focuses on the health and well-being of individuals and families by promoting the social and physical environments that support families and communities, appropriate access to resources, and healthy family relationships.

The Family Science program at UPEI is one of only a few Canadian programs with approval from the National Council on Family Relations. This approval means that our graduates are eligible to apply for certification as a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) upon graduation. Our graduates are working with children, youth and families in diverse areas such as family education, community education and outreach, social assistance or immigrant settlement programs.

Find out more about what Family Science graduates can do with their degree.  

If you're interested in professional or graduate studies, our program offers plenty of flexibility to make sure you are well prepared for post-degree and graduate programs in diverse areas such as education,  social work, occupational therapy, child and youth studies 

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