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Are you interested in sport, physical activity, and wellness? Would you like to work with children, adults and seniors and help them become and remain physically active? If so, a degree in kinesiology may be an appropriate undertaking for you.

Kinesiology explores human development and movement from a number of lenses. For example, the physical, psychological, and social experiences of sport and physical activity are investigated to provide students with a holistic view of how they affect human development.

Within the kinesiology degree, students take courses in areas including (but not limited to) sport psychology, exercise physiology, biomechanics of sport and physical activity, motor learning and control, human development, and research methods. Students interested in international study opportunities should contact their faculty advisor and check potential exchange opportunities well ahead of time.

Upon degree completion, students will have the ability to apply their knowledge to a number of fields or have can continue their studies in fields such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and education. In addition, graduate studies in any of the sub-disciplines of kinesiology are possible for interested students.

The program currently consists of a 4-year degree within the Faculty of Science (1 + 3 years).

Students interested in the program directly out of high school are required to register in the Faculty of Science and complete a list of pre-kinesiology courses. Students having completed the qualifying courses need to apply to the Kinesiology program by March 31st of the current year. Information on the application process along with the associated forms can be found on the Kinesiology program page (link on the right of this page).

Additional program information:

Dany MacDonald
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Applied Human Sciences
(902) 566-6482
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