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Foods and Nutrition

Foods and nutrition describes the science of nutrients in food and their actions within the body. Students in the Foods and Nutrition program study the role of foods and nutrients in both health promotion and disease treatment as well as the psychological and cultural factors that influence our food choices. The Foods and Nutrition program at UPEI is accredited by the Dietitians of Canada; our accreditation is evidence of the high quality program offered at UPEI.

Foods and nutrition courses offered at UPEI include:

  • Community and clinical nutrition
  • Food service management
  • Food science
  • Nutrition and dietary behaviour
  • Human metabolism

Students must also take courses in other scientific disciplines including microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, and mathematics.

Check out the Foods and Nutrition program page (link on the right of this page) for course descriptions and courses required for a major in Foods and Nutrition. Students interested in international learning experiences should contact their faculty advisor and check out possible international exchange opportunities well ahead of time.

For information on the requirements to complete the Honours thesis program in foods and nutrition, you can find our handbook under the "Honours" tab on the Foods and Nutrition program page.

Additional program information:

Katherine Gottschall-Pass
Applied Human Sciences
(902) 566-0492
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