Cass Science Hall (CSH) has a number of rooms that are used by students, for various purposes. Several of these areas are restricted-access, and are accessed using your UPEI CampusCard (Student/Staff/Faculty ID). Your access to any such given facility will depend on its access criteria, as described below.

CSH-104 – Dedicated Teaching Lab

This is a comprehensive facility with 40 high-powered student computers, a high-resolution projector and an instructor workstation, with a large movable multisurface whiteboard unit. This area is only accessible when an instructor is present.

CSH-105 – Help Centre

This area is used for the Math Help Centre and the Computer Science Help Centre, during designated times. Check the schedule posted at the facility for details.

CSH-202 – Open Student Space

This area is available for students to work and study. It is open whenever the building is open. It has places to plug in laptops, and a PantherNet access point just outside the door. It may be used for social events with the approval of the SMCS Society President, or their designate. 

CSH-301 – Quiet Study Space

This restricted-access area is a place that can be used for quiet study by individuals or small groups. Did we mention “quiet”? This area is a water-only zone; no food or flavoured beverages permitted. Access is granted to majors in the school with second-year or higher standing.

CSH-305 – Usability Centre

This restricted-access area is used by the School for meetings, for designated functions, and by VGPS students for game research and testing on a bookable basis. Non-majors do not have access to this area. See the Systems Administrator to find out more about booking this room.

CSH-306 – Research Laboratory

Usage of the restricted-access CSH-306 Research Laboratory is via inclusion in a faculty-supervised research project; access will be assigned according to need and on the recommendation of faculty.

CSH-309 – Working Lab

To gain access to the restricted-access CSH-309 Working Lab, you must be enrolled in a course requiring such access, or have the support of a faculty member for research or other academic purposes. CS majors with second year or higher standing have automatic access to this facility, as do any students taking first year computer science courses. If you intend on using Linux, you must sign up for an account using the SMCS Account Application form. The first page is the Usage Policy, which is an extension of the UPEI Acceptable Use Policy, and is to be retained by you for your records - please do NOT submit it with your application. The second page is the Account Application Form, which you must submit to the Systems Administrator, Mr. Vessey, in CSH-308.