Advanced Mediation: Preparing Yourself and Your Clients for Success

Prerequisites: Essentials of Conflict Resolution, Interest-Based Mediation
Cost: $1,056

This three-day experiential workshop builds on the skills and processes taught in Essentials of Conflict Resolution and Interest-Based Mediation. Through case studies, lectures and group discussions, participants will learn and practice advanced techniques and strategies for assessment of the conflict and ways to best prepare themselves and the parties for successful mediation.

Participants will gain practical skills to be able to: 

  • Conduct effective information meetings
  • Analyze and screen the conflict and its suitability for mediation
  • Coach parties for collaborative decision-making
  • Identify the key issues and interests to be addressed
  • Employ techniques for dealing with power imbalances
  • Prepare for mediation/co-mediation 

Duration: 21 hours / 3 days


  • Essentials of Conflict Resolution
  • Interest-Based Mediation