Effective Communication


Effective Presentation Skills

The goal of this workshop is to assist each participant with improving their presentation skills.  There will be valuable take away information for each participant to use on an on-going basis to continually improve upon their presentation skills. This workshop will help you to:

  • Determine audience attitudes and needs
  • Enhance voice projection, articulation, pace, fluency, body language, eye contact, and gestures
  • Overcome nervousness, anxiety, and any distracting mannerisms
  • Project control and confidence
  • Structure presentations to gain maximum effect
  • Use audience involvement techniques to identify and handle questions
  • Implement persuasive communication techniques
  • Set up an on-going action plan- to continue to improve on presentation style

Skills for Effective Communication

Effective communication is a key driver for achieving desired results and satisfaction on both a professional and personal level. 
Whether through face to face communication or  technology (from voice mail and e-mail to cell phones and videoconferencing), success lies in developing expertise in proven skills and  self awareness. 
During the workshop you will learn: 
  • how to take the conversation going on in your head into the open in a clear, honest, open, direct and respectful way
  • how to inquire where the other person is coming from
  • to give and receive feedback
  • to identify and work with assumptions
  • to recognize what you can change and/or do differently and when to step back or get help
  • to be aware of intent versus impact and joint contribution
  • to understand and respond to emotions in a new way
  • to be the invitation to others to communicate more effectively

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