Certificate in Customer and Client Service

Overview: The Certificate in Customer and Client Service is designed to give the knowledge, skills, and tools for individuals to improve customer and client service within their organization. Not only are the benefits of improved customer and client service positive feelings and loyalty, but it also improves the workplace morale, which in turn leads to better production and results. 

At the end of this Certificate, participants will be able to elevate customer and client service both internally and externally within their organization, turn customer and client service failures into learning opportunities – which will lead to positives – and create a culture that will make great customer and client service consistent and a priority among all members of an organization.  

Designed for: All people involved with customer and client service, both in a retail and a multi-levelled organizational sense.  Especially relevant for all executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals who deal with other people within their workplace.  

Type of Delivery: In-person. 

Duration: One course for a total of six (6) hours. 

Facilitator: Tracy Stretch

Cost: $499

More information: 

Certificate in Customer and Client Service flyer (.pdf)


Course Dates Status
Customer and Client Service
Room 102, UPEI Alumni Hall; 9:00 am–4:00 pm